Park Record Column: Sundays in the Park : Re-call of the Wild

When the snowy mountains turn to mud, we worldly Parkites head elsewhere. Some vacation in Europe (like Teri, who usually writes this column) and others turn to the beautiful red rocks of the South, a short drive to warmth. This year, the hubby and I decided to stick around for mud season, well, almost all of it. After a few home improvement projects are out of the way and we’re more than ready to fly the coop, we, too, will hit the open road.   Read the whole article read entire article

Park Record:
Sundays in the Park: On the road to San Diego

Teri (the writer who usually churns out this column) and I have been leading parallel lives of late. We’ve both been “in training” for months - a term I like to throw out for fun when I’m with those hard-core types who really do follow the what-not-to-eat-and-drink-prior-to-extreme-physical-exercise rules. She stocked up on travel guides and moleskin, while I bought my first pair of official running shoes and discovered an unnerving dependency on Gatorade. Now, Teri is off on the road to Santiago (in Spain) with a duo of sweet nuns and I am still pounding the local pavement in preparation for my own pilgrimage, the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Read the whole article read entire article